The Early Phase Clinical Cancer Prevention Consortium: ClinCaP

Part of the NCI Cancer Prevention Clinical Trials Network (CP-CTNet)


The National Cancer Institute/Division of Cancer Prevention has established five consortia across the country to address development of cancer preventive agents. The network of consortia is called the Cancer Prevention Clinical Trials Network (CP-CTNet). The charge of the network is to conduct Phase I and II trials that lead to identification of new approaches for testing in Phase III Trials. The Early Phase Clinical Cancer Prevention Consortium (ClinCaP) is one of the five consortia within CP-CTNet, and the Lead Academic Organization (LAO) for ClinCap is the University of Michigan.


The co-PIs of ClinCaP are Dean Brenner, MD, and Zora Djuric, PhD, at University of Michigan. Working groups are charged with developing new trials. Ananda Sen, PhD, provides assistance with biostatistical aspects of trials, and Scott Schuetze, MD, coordinates support for the clinical trials.

Submitting New Concepts

The ClinCaP has established a process for investigators who wish to develop new concepts for trials.

More About Trial Concepts